Mobile congress hosts hyper-connected ecosystem


By Nitin Dahad 


Mobile World Congress

With everyone in tech talking about connected devices, connected cities, wearable technologies and so on, it seems we will all be connected and be able to access information about our homes, lives, environment and public services at anytime and anywhere.  This sounds great but there are also lots of issues – for example, how to make the devices talk to each other in a standard way, and how to make access to those devices secure.  The recent high profile cyber-attack just demonstrates the potential impact of a breach in network and data security.


The fact that everything is connected makes most connected devices vulnerable to access and manipulation by unwanted forces.  So the announcement by ARM last week that it is acquiring Offspark, a Dutch company specializing in IoT communications security technology, is timely, just ahead of Mobile World Congress where over 80,000 people from the mobile industry will converge in Barcelona for its annual gathering.




Is ‘Silicon Desert’ the next Silicon Valley?



By Nitin Dahad 




In watching successful innovation clusters evolve around the world, we’re beginning to see the theory of creating an innovation ecosystem being successfully deployed in practice, with appropriate localization according to the destination. Whether it be the USA, UK, Germany, India, Brazil, or some countries in the Middle East, every government (national and local) appears to now recognize that they need to work with industry and academia to create the right environment, highlight role models and case studies for innovation and entrepreneurship, and stimulate an ‘innovation economy’.


While this week many people are gathered at the Global Innovation Summit in California to ‘learn’ how to create innovation ecosystems in their own regions (see report related to last year’s event here), others are successfully demonstrating the fruits of their efforts over recent years.


One such example is the state of Arizona. Next week, they will have their own ‘Phoenix Startup Week’, which will embrace over 130 free events for the startup community, created by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. While this is a pattern seen in many cities around the world, Arizona seems to have made this part of a plan, and commentators in the USA appear to be calling ‘Silicon Desert’, as Arizona is sometimes labeled, the next Silicon Valley.








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